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BFA Textile-Body-Space

Wania Rönning


I have collected stuff throughout my whole life, I think it runs in my family. My grandmother collected dollhouses, my mom collects books, and my father collects junk. I collect things, stories, and memories. This time, I have collected other people’s memories. Memories picked out from different people, times, and generations. Gathered, packed up, transformed, and brought to life. Building a world around them, a story. Parts of the story comes to life and becomes real. Fragments borrowed from others but then became mine. Yet not entirely. Perhaps more their own. Fragments of life and pasts, in a collective mass.
Do you remember when the rhubarb-leaves were so big?

This project explores the portrayal of childhood memories and nostalgia through the creation of a spatial installation withtextile sculptures, sound and text. The starting point for the work has been to collect and process other people’smemories, to create a common story with symbols that can evoke a sense of nostalgia and melancholy. Not necessarilyevoke the same feelings, but more the idea of a time that has passed. With the help of colors and playful shapes, a dreamy world is created, where the viewer is invited to experience and reflect on their own memories and perhaps find a safe place in our turbulent world.