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About Graduation

Welcome to explore a part of HDK-Valand.

Here you will find theses by graduating students from some of our 19 educational programs.
These students are now stepping into contemporary and future visual pedagogy, design, photography, film, fine arts, crafts, and literary composition.
This year, our graduating students have presented their work at Bio Capitol, Galleri Thomassen, Slakthuset, Röda Sten, Bohusläns Museum, Gothenburg City Library, Stigbergets Shangri La, Litteraturhuset, and in HDK-Valand’s premises.

Through the graduation platform, we want to give you an opportunity to revisit or discover the students’ works. Explore the questions, expressions, techniques, and themes that are currently relevant to our students and their artistic practice. The graduation platform is a window into our activities.

About HDK-Valand

HDK-Valand conducts education and research in Design, Film, Photography, Fine Art, Craft, Literary Composition, and subject courses for future teachers in Sloyd and Visual Arts. We offer highly specialised educational programmes in an international environment where you can study everything from basic and introductory courses to courses and programmes at an advanced level.

You find us on Vasagatan and Kristinelundsgatan in Gothenburg and at our campus in Steneby in Dals Långed.

Together with our sister institution, the Academy of Music and Drama, we are Scandinavia’s broadest Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts.

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