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BFA Design

Victoria Eyram Öman

Hon finns på vinden

‘Hon finns på vinden’ is an exhibition inspired by the work­s of Svea Olson. A process that started with the introduction of Olsonska Courtyard (Olsonska gården) by Familjebostäder that later lead to our collaboration.

Built in the 18th century the building is an old captain’s house and today managed by Familjebostäder as rentals. The house is loved by many, but few know what is hiding in the attic. The attic is covered from floor to ceiling with beautiful folk art paintings made by the captain’s daughter Svea Olson 1919.

I became curious about Svea and who she was. Were there more artistic remains from her? Maybe she was one of many female artists of her time that never was acknowledged.

Extensive research followed, I initiated correspondence with her distant relatives and searched after traces of her in every state archive in Gothenburg. I found small clues to her life. Svea studied art and worked as an art teacher, she was the author art textbooks and exchanged letters with the feminist pioneer Ellen Kay. It was evident that she had lived an exciting life for her time, but unfortunately there were no more artistic remains for me to find, but here she was in the attic — an attic that still fascinated and amazed me as much as the first time I was introduced to it.

I decided that it was now my task to give Svea the recognition she deserved by opening up the attic and showcasing her art. The outcome is an exhibition in Olsonska gårdens attic featuring Svea’s folk art paintings accompanied by ceramic and textile interpretations from myself.

The exhibition allows visitors to engage with Svea’s artwork and legacy, transitioning between the historical context and contemporary interpretation. Specific materials and color palettes were used to honor her artistic style, while the designs foster a reflective and immersive experience.