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BFA Design

Tom Giza


KOMPA is a guitar amplifier that combines elegance and functionality with an innovative design concept inspired by Dieter Rams’ design principles. By breaking away from the traditional “masculine” and “rock” aesthetic, this amplifier offers a modern and sleek solution for today’s guitarists.

By integrating a strong interest in music into this project, new possibilities and challenges have been explored. Here, a guitar amplifier has been redesigned with the goal of combining form and function to fit into a home environment.

A unique feature of KOMPA is its sit-friendly design, which allows users to feel the vibrations from the sound waves, adding an extra dimension to the user experience. The retro-inspired design, covered in furniture linoleum, combines durability with an aesthetically pleasing surface that stands out in the market. The amplifier also features a downward-facing speaker element, an experimental component that challenges both the design and the sound experience.

The project has resulted in a working prototype of the sit-friendly guitar amplifier KOMPA, which combines a sleek and discreet look with an enhanced sensory experience.

Projektet har resulterat i en fungerande prototyp av den sittvänliga gitarrförstärkaren KOMPA, som kombinerar en stilren och diskret look med en förhöjd sensorisk upplevelse.