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BFA Metal Art

Sebastian Nordh

Candleholders  G1,G2 and G3

All my life I have been around pipes in various forms and contexts. I have grown up in a family business working in the maintenance of wastewater systems, and I have been surrounded by pipes and tanks (round shapes). Usually, it means problems if a pipe cracks or becomes deformed. I think this has created my fascination to go the opposite way, to see what is hidden in the deformation.

I am driven by the curiosity to shape something that is experienced as hard and cold, but to transform the rigid to be experienced as soft and organic. By combining different techniques such as machine-milled pieces, or surface structures such as paint or grinding patterns, I form an expression. Many hours have been spent just exploring and experimenting to expand my knowledge of material and its reactions. The shapes I create with these techniques then become the basis of my objects.

What I will show in this work is my creation of three candleholders as a reminder of our mill heritage. The people, the mill, and the church.