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MFA Fine Art

Raghad Resres

Dancing Edifices

“Dancing Edifices” is a series of digital paintings that emerged in response to my research project Hidden Dimension, in which I am investigating how architecture affects women’s sensitivity to bodily motion experiences in marginalized and refugee areas, particularly in the Palestinian refugee camps in East Amman where I was raised. Through Dancing Edifices, I aim to evoke visually induced motion sickness through re-compositions of the spatial architecture of East Amman’s Palestinian refugee camps. This type of motion sickness can occur when there is visual stimulation in the absence of physical movement. This endeavor reimagines the camp’s architectural challenges, reshaping the physical space’s movement and organization and transcending the confines of mere bodily motion. These images open possibilities for questioning or imagining embodied experiences with the camp’s physical and social structure.

Artwork commissioned by Carl Olson’s stipendiefond, 2023