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BFA Design

Moa Märta Markgren

Illustrerad vardag

Illustrerad vardag is a project concept that can move in many different spaces and it is about investigating how illustrative interior design can affect an everyday environment. As a degree project, it has mainly taken place at Stationshuset in Gothenburg as an exhibition in a public environment with wall-hung art and objects placed on shelves. During the course of the project, it has also moved into everyday homes, and the hope for the future is that it should take place in many different environments so that the illustrated can challenge the three- dimensional, and create thoughts and conversations about ownership and needs.

The project has been created using a sustainable design approach throughout, focusing on residual materials such as scrap wood and second-hand yarn. It also explores sustainability over time by creating objects from materials that can be packed, dropped and shared a life with, as well as how the form and function of an object is valued in relation to needs and desires. The project is an illustrative work that takes place in the spatial and moves between 2D and 3D, creating both confusion and wonder, and it asks whether we actually need the physical object or whether an illustration is enough.