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BFA Design

Moa Kourmadias

Landscape architecture for a sustainable city

This project deals with the ecological and social values for a sustainable city. The project has resulted in the design of a woodland edge and is placed at a specific location in Gothenburg’s city park Slottsskogen. The design consists of a two-meter-wide walkway which spans the entire site, this is meant to give park visitors easy access to all parts of the woodland edge. The design of the project also consists of a big quantity of species to experience, from trees to bushes and perennial herbs that vary in heights, colors, forms, and functions.

This project wants to give people a positive experience of an urban green area that in turn creates well-being in these people. The project also wants to create well-being for the animals and insects that can conceivably reside in this type of environment. The suggested design of the woodland edge wants to give animals and insects a place to exist in harmony with us humans and it wants to show how the interplay between us wildly different species can exist in an urban environment.