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BFA Design

Maria Lindahl Björkstrand

AWAKENING FORGOTTEN MEMORIES – stimulating the healthy in elderly patients

Awakening Forgotten Memories highlights the importance of cultural activities for people with dementia as well as elderly patients in care. The project explores surface patterns as a dialogue tool in health care. To activateartworks through conversations, and stiumulate patients abilities. The project also explores the possibility of awakening forgotten memories in people with dementia, by stiumulating the ability to associate through storytelling, illustrations and patterns.

During the process, I was asked:

‘- If you were ill, and you knew that in the future you will lose all your memories and your life story. But, if you were given the opportunity to choose a handful of memories to keep. Which memories would you choose?’

This question laid the foundation for all the illustrations, that were created based on personal memories: memories I want to keep. And from a sense of spreading joy and warmth, in an environment that can otherwise easily cause anxiety and boredom.

The Project resulted in two surface patterns, ”Midsommar” and ”Bland daggkåpor”. Handprinted on linen canvas by using screenprinting technique.