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BFA Photography

Karin Holmer


Ljudinstallation, bok, fotografi, tallkvist.
5 min, 37 sek.


Furia, 2024

Audio installation, book, photograph, pine branch.

5 min, 37 sec.

Karin Holmer’s multidisciplinary work revolves around storytelling and internal imagery, exploring situations of control, manipulation and inherent power dynamics.

This work is about 42 women who were patients at Umedalens mental hospital in Umeå during the 1940s. These women, considered to be exceedingly “difficult” by societal standards of the time, all underwent lobotomies.

Through extracts from the patient records their stories are brought to light, showing the shortcomings of society and the vulnerability of belonging.

The sound piece is made with quotations from the women found in the patient journals and vocalized by Mariakören in Umeå. The book contains the voice of the institution, collected by the artist on her visits to the archive.


Thank you to Mariakören in Umeå for lending out your voices.