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BFA Textile-Body-Space

Josefine Lundgren


Tender knots and delicate lines. A meeting between horsehair and net making, investigating the relationship and interdependence of material and technique. An exploration of visual tactility, intrinsic properties of a material and fundamental constructions.

The project consists in spirally constructed net structures whose expressions are allowed to depend on the information they receive from the tools, the material variations and my hands. The approach creates a textile material and a shape that appear simultaneously. Every new net is based on the knowledge obtained from previous nets.

By sourcing horse hair locally I gained a heterogeneous material regarding shade, shape and thickness. Through net making I investigate the individuality of the horse hair in its raw state, its properties and will, how every single hair influences the next hair. During the process I experience up close the willfulness, how no knots look the same and the color changes as the net grows.

In the meeting between material and technique, something happens to the horse hair and the net. The net loses its ability to serve as a net, it loses its primordial function. The horse hair which originally acts as a thick and dense tail turns into separated monofilaments, composed in a new manner with each individual character visible. The heterogeneity becomes a language within the form. What was perceived as strong and durable suddenly becomes fragile.