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MFA Fine Art

Josefin Tingvall

Tumbling Worlds

The project Tumbling Worlds explores material change and the creation of digital worlds by the artist Josefin Tingvall. By simulating decomposing systems of wind, water and movement with the help of a stone tumbler, site-specific things and materials are mixed and worn against each other. The result of the project is a physical and digital material library that contains the tumbled material together with hand-created 3d-components and interactive game environments.

Tumbling Worlds is a journey of change based on humanity’s impact on the earth’s ever-changing environments and landscapes. Working with material-centered speculation, the project examines our relationship to wear and tear, the loss of ascribed function, recognizable materiality, and the entanglement between the afterlife of consumer cultures and environmental processes. How do we relate to the unknown based on our everyday life?

Josefin Tingvall is a Gothenburg-based artist and her practice is rooted in a poetic and material investigation of the entanglement between objects and environments. She explores themes such as fragility, change and the role of humans in a more than human world. Tingvall has exhibited and been part of several national and international artistic projects. In 2021, she received the Berit and Carl-Johan Wettergren Foundation’s educational grant for cultural workers to advance her career through education; Tingvall has a master of fine arts at HDK-Valand, University of Gothenburg on artistic research and virtual world building in relation to contemporary materials, of which the Tumbling Worlds project is a part.