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MFA Jewellery Art

Jiayang Huang

Chasing time

In the passage of time, to revel in it or to fight against it is the question.

Chasing Time is a big installation delving into my personal emotional connection with time. As time passes, I face fears and anxieties regarding aging and the passage of time every day. This project aims to bring together personal emotions and elements of time through the metal technique of chasing(repoussé) to explore emotional healing, regain creativity, and renewed my understanding of time.

The word chasing is not only a reference to my desire to capture time but also the name of a metal craft technique, that involves pushing up and down metals by hammers and different kinds of punches.
The installation consisted of three parts: a water dripping devise, one large copper bowl covered with faces representing various emotions which I expressed during the time and a water container.
Using water drops to represent the passage of time. the water will eventually fill the copper bowl, which showing how my mind or feelings has changed under making process, I realized that I was not just stuck in the single emotion of fear, sometimes it was anxiety, sometimes it was indifference, and sometimes it was wellbeing. The process of the copper bowl sinking to the bottom after being filled with water represents those thoughts and feelings are faded with the passage of time