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BFA Photography

Hilma Hedin

The Play

Revir, gelatinsilverfotografi, 30x50cm / Söderbysjön Split Vision, gelatinsilverfotografi, 120x90cm / Hunter, analog C-print, 24x30cm / Tillhörighet #1, Gelatinsilverfotografi, 18x24cm / The Play, analog C-print, 120x90cm / Hål #1, gelatinsilverfotografi, 24x30cm / Family First, gelatinsilverfotografi, 18x24cm / Lady Luck!, analog C-print, 30x40cm

Hilma Hedin’s artistic practice delves into childhood memories and is closely linked to the viewers fantasies. Through staged photography she examines human behavior and interaction. An important part of Hedins artistic process is the craft of analog photographic printmaking which enables her to physically engage with the photographic material.

 In the series The Play, external and internal processes are depicted as a place where the dramatic coexists with the mundane. The images show individuals absorbed by a movement or thought, offering space for the viewer to reflect on the ordinary and extraordinary moments that life consists of. The scenes Hedin constructs oscillate between playfulness and seriousness while subtly referencing and commenting on reality.