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BFA Photography

Hilda Randulv

In the Distance I Hear Surges

Digital prints with reactive ink on transparent silk, welded and polished steel sculpture
Hilda Randulv works with portraiture as an investigative method to expand the self-portrait. She’s inspired by facial expressions related to the basic affects defined by the psychologist Silvan Tomkins. By reading different facial expressions, she aims for self-reflection. Randulv works with slow art, defined by her material choices to work with a time-consuming 12-step printing process, welding, and steel grinding.

Informed by her experience of growing up with epilepsy, Randulv takes inspiration from moving in and out of consciousness. In the Distance I Hear Surges, explores the coexistence between presence and absence. The fabrics’ sensitivity to movement creates waves that interact with the viewer and, at times, affect their ability to see the subject clearly, letting the work be present and absent all at once.