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BFA Design

Frida Wolk

EPOK – From forgotten space to public living room

EPOK is a project that takes on the task of giving new life to a forgotten building. The proposal highlights how we can utilize existing architecture in an ever-changing society and prevent cultural heritage from remaining untouched when it loses its purpose.
The result is a spatial concept of the transformation of the de-Christianized Caroli Church in central Malmö, a building that has been empty and without purpose since 2010. The concept aims to reclaim the function of the church as a place of community for modern society. A public living room that offers spaces for both socializing and privacy for the solitary visitor.

The design seeks to create a bridge between the past and present, history and aesthetics by adding a new layer in the history of the church.
Overall form choices have been inspired by the architectural elements of the building and then recreated in more contemporary forms. The design includes a furniture system that enables changing compositions for the site’s various activities that aspires to promote and bring together Malmö’s cultural and business life under one roof.