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BFA Design

Frida Karlsson


The project is based on exploration and seeing potential in waste material in the form of textiles from the furniture industry. To use and process the material and find alternative ways to reintroduce the waste material back into production. Exploration is a large part of the result as many different techniques and materials have been tested, with several showing the potential to blossom into new projects.
The various exploratory parts use waste material from the Swedish furniture industry. Various techniques that have been tested include carding, felting and the production of bioplastic.
The main technique used in the project consists of tearing the textiles back to their thread form and then using them in the form of padding. This resulted in two cushions, made up of waste fabric and also as a padding of torn textile. They use traditional upholstery techniques from furniture upholstery which are then modified and applied to the cushions.