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BFA Design

Elsa Thorsvret


The thesis project “synthetics” explores light, interior design and music, and how a club concept can be shaped with light as its main focus.
With the architecture collective Temporary Pleasure as a role model, this project has developed out of interests in photography, installation and the fascination of a magical concert.

The project started with zero knowledge of stage technology, and I’ve chosen to work with discarded and donated materials in a strange mix, to create an honest, laidback and playful aesthetic. The club concept was tested during two nights in March, at Spike Brewery’s Taproom in Gamlestaden.

At the end of this project, I want to highlight the process as the most important experience of this journey. Its bumpy road, through problems, logistics and limitations. And the hundreds of discoveries you’re only able to make if you throw yourself into an industry you know nothing about.

Huge thanks to Returkultur, Weekendrent and Spike Brewery!