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BFA Ceramic Art

Diego Decont Jimenez

Rubble & Debris – Aesthetics of Chaos and Catastrophes

Diego’s graduation project is an exploration of the concept of chaos and its aesthetics, composed of a series of sculptures created through the fragmentation, reuse and amalgamation of his own ceramic objects and reclaimed glaze leftovers. Although it was not the main purpose of the project, his work shows the possibilities of a ceramic artist to work with greater consideration for sustainability issues.

The works are not unequivocally chaotic, either in their expression or in their creation, but rather give an image of chaos’ own order and pattern-forming ability. Central to his understanding of the concept of chaos is brokenness, randomness and complexity, effectively expressed in the gestaltning, which in turn gives associations to fragments after a catastrophe.

The work process has been characterized by a methodical exploration of the expressive power of the ceramic material, but also by sensitivity and a willingness to explore new tracks; deliberately introducing unknown variables to the process, such as the unknown composition of the reclaimed glazes, where the transformation that takes place during the firing has played a central role in the creation of the works.

Text by Malin Grumstedt, opponent in the examination.