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BFA Design

Cornelia Önnerlöv

Oreglerad form

Oreglerad form (Unregulated Shape) is a process-based project that aims to explore shape and objects in a curious way in relation to space and storytelling. The project is based on one of Sweden’s four unregulated national rivers, Vindelälven. From the mountains in the north, the river flows and rushes through Lappland and Västerbotten. The river has been chosen as the project’s theme to explore whether an object can raise and create awareness of humans’ relationship with nature.

In this project, Vindelälven has also acted as shape inspiration. In the sketching process, image references and descriptive words were used as a method to translate Vindelälven into shapes and material. With the help of light, the design of the bookshelves aims to spark interest in a room. The function of the shelves is to carry knowledge about humans’ relationship with nature and how humans often place themselves above it.