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MFA Ceramic Art

Carina Cresta

Telling a migrating story by clay

The pantry’s secret treasures and other childhood memories: A Family Recipe 

Feeling included and as part of a context are important ingredients for building sustainable, secure relationships, communities and individuals. The curiosity and joy of discovery, encounters, exchange and storytelling belongs to us all. What happens when you start to untangle your history? Asking questions, gathering stories and memories around the kitchen table.

My Nonno, grandfather Carlo Cresta, migrated as labor immigrant from Turin in Italy to Gothenburg in 1947, in post-war Europe.
Only weeks after arriving in his new home country of Sweden, Nonno met my grandmother Miriam. Their love story and the food culture flourishing through migration, is the starting point of what has come to involve my entire family through conversations and joint creations in raw clay.

We share fragments and memories from a forgotten episode of successful integration in Sweden’s history, the stories of us who carry them with us in the present and create its future:
A Family Recipe…

Telling a migrating story by Clay_ partA_PDF
Telling a migrating story by Clay_part B_PDF
Skafferiets hemliga skatter och andra barndoms minnen