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BFA Design

Bianca Bermalm

The birthing environment

In the shadow of budget cuts and growing discontent, maternity care today is a place where the sense of safety, which is so crucial for both mother and child, all too often gives way to stress and uncertainty.
Feeling safe during a birth is the most important thing for a birth to go as well as possible. Through evidence-based design, a new layout is proposed for the maternity ward in Varberg, focusing on colors and spatial elements that can contribute to a birth that is experienced as calm and safe.
The design is based on studies from the Room4Birth research project among others, and includes carefully selected color palettes, adaptable furniture, and strategic use of greenery to create a calm and safe atmosphere. The project advocates for a holistic approach to birthing environments that takes into account not only physical comfort but also the emotional well-being of expectant parents.