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BFA Design

Alva Toresson


*Girly* is an exploratory publication that maps stereotypically *girly* aesthetics to understand what makes a visual expression feminine and how perceptions of gender and aesthetics can be challenged. The design is a result of colliding typical gender expressions, a method to redesign and challenge the division of visual expression.
The content aims to shed light on where our ideas of what is feminine, and masculine come from and how this division shapes the way we try to subvert gendering today. It also reflects an overall view of women as a group, which in turn highlights the underlying patriarchal structure of society.
Historical examples such as the extravagant male fashions of the 18th century are contrasted with today’s gender norms, while AI-generated razor advertising scripts that both confirm and contradict stereotypes describe our contemporary world. Along with visual experiments drawn from my design process and a variety of other themes, the content aims to challenge and explore how we value aesthetics differently whether they’re seen as masculine or feminine.
*Girly* is a way of justifying a graphic design practice that does not shy away from *girly* aesthetics.