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BFA Design

Alicia Karnert

Shadow Theater as an Educational Tool

Shadow theater is an ancient art form that has existed in various cultures around the world. It has particularly developed into a rich and varied form of expression in China, India, Indonesia, and Turkey. Each country has its own unique stories and traditions within shadow theater. In Chinese shadow theater, legends and folk tales are often performed to teach children about morals and ethics.

This “Shadow Theater” project aims not only to perform shadow theater shows for children but also to let the children themselves discover and explore this art form. By actively participating, children have the opportunity to interpret stories and express their own creativity and imagination. Guided by an educator, an educational environment is created where children have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on the stories that are depicted.

The shadow theater is designed to facilitate the creation of varied scenes and settings that adapt to different stories. The construction is also easy to assemble and disassemble, making it simple to set up for a shadow play and put away when it is not in use.