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MFA Embedded Design

Xinyue Ouyang (欧阳辛玥)

Exploring how systemic design can contribute to tackling the challenge of talent attraction

— A case study in the City of Gothenburg

My project investigates how systemic design can address the challenge of talent attraction in the City of Gothenburg. Employing a qualitative methodology, it integrates ethnographic approaches with systemic design practices to examine talent attraction’s complex dynamics from multiple perspectives. The research engages municipal employees and higher education students to explore various stakeholder perceptions and co-create potential improvement strategies. Drawing, utilized within the systemic design process, aids in visualizing and understanding these complexities.

The project adopts the metaphor of the seed to symbolize development, potential, and nurture. One of the key outcomes is a narrative map, which synthesizes findings from semi-structured interviews, initial research drawings, and additional workshops into a comprehensive visual depiction of this intricate system. The analysis highlights essential systemic connections and potential interventions, providing a thorough perspective on the challenges and opportunities.

The findings indicate that systemic design significantly enhances stakeholder collaboration and improves the communicative clarity of systemic relationships. This contributes to more effective talent attraction strategies in municipal contexts.