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MFA Fine Art

Ville Hulling

Haunted by Glitches

For over a year now I’ve developed “Haunted by Glitches” as a method that explores only the possibilities and discoveries that comes from mistakes, failures, and glitches. Cuz like, if you always stay on the path, you’ll never discover what’s not on the path. Thanks to this method I’ve had more fun in my artistic practise, and I’ve been able to explore many different mediums, like: VR, 3D animation, robotics, sculpture, sportogremasgystalbonevoolmigigorollalloponehiemy, and -.-. .-. -.– .–. – — –. .-. .- .–. …. -.—

Have you ever felt stressed about a project or artwork you’re making? Don’t! Remember that perfection is something others have made up and is completely subjective. Everything is as good as it is. A failure is just as good as a success, and ugly looks just as good as beautiful. It’s just something different. Try being Haunted by Glitches!