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BFA Design

Valdemar Wickelgren Löthman

Pond_1: Residue Collection

Pond_1: Residue Collection is a clothing collection consisting of 6 pieces that pull inspiration from post humanistic spiritual themes and is constructed around the use of waste materials. The collection is aimed towards an alternative/exclusive fashion market but is not made with the purpose of being produced or sold in a traditional manner but to be made by the user themself.
The collection exists only in the form of a free digital document from which the user will find the necessary instructions and tools to create the clothes from whatever material is  available to them. The clothes are constructed from smaller textile pieces in predetermined shapes that can easily be collected from waste material or otherwise unusable textiles. The instructions deliberately leave out details such as sewing techniques or material choice for the user’s own interpretation. Color and material is determined by the user’s own choices and resources and the only thing ultimately defining the pieces are their construction.