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MFA Textile Art

Sofie Alm Nordsveen

Photografer: David Eng

Can I (please) have it back?

I have lost my body. Someone took it away from me, and I would like to have it back. I need to understand the body, so I rip it apart, to stitch it together as an act of care, mending and resistance, so you can not inhabit my body anymore. 

In “Can I (please) have it back?” I am looking at how violence is stored in the flesh. By taking on the roles both as violator and victim in relation to the materials, I am focusing on the journey of healing through three sculptures. One focuses on when the wound is made, the second on healing and the third when the incident is only remembered as a scar. My work is an investigation of materials and how to work against them through acts of violence, and with them through acts of care. My methods include destroying and mending a wool fabric, working with liquid latex through textile methods and stitching by hand. I look at the healing possibilities of suture and embroidery both in the materials and in my self and use acts of repetition to reflect on how violence affects us as social, political and personal bodies.