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MFA Fine Art

Sam Druant

Setting the Stage for the Hormoneplay

Setting the Stage for the Hormoneplay is a project trying to counter individualistic and androcentric society, with a focus on hormones and reproductive care. It draws on theresearch of Silvia Federici and how capitalism played a significant role in the European witch hunts of the 14th to 16th centuries. This can be considered to have resulted in a lack of knowledge, resources and development for reproductive care, alongside the loss of commons, which has led to less land for people to come together in a safe space.

This installation is a reaction to this context and wants to offer a common space, to share experiences, tips and references. The intent is not to heal individuals but to create room for imagination around this topic and build connections, like in a coven. It offers tools for the public to become familiar with this conundrum, as well as actively imagining future developments on an individual and broader scale. This aim has been achieved by presenting the installation in different spaces and using a variety of methods to activate the narrative. This has happened through an artist talk and conversation with art journalist Indra Devriendt at LLS Paleis in Antwerp, Belgium; a collaboration with the collective Garden Loops, who focus on exploring themes of food and ecology in relation to time, place and community at Rotor Galleri in Gothenburg; and the public program for Speculative Gatherings at Slakthuset.