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BFA Ceramic Art

Miriam Stråhlman

Photografer: David Eng


It’s sugary, colorful and pushes the boundaries. It is asymmetrical, it has repetitive forms and varies between the abstract and the figurative. IckyStickyOeyGoey is a collection of works that play with the idea of ​​a ceramic carrier. It is also an experiment and a search for new ways of looking at things to eat. The edible, which flows, crystallizes, melts and dries up, provides a context together with the ceramics. The works revolve around a meeting point between ceramics and things to eat, and further investigate what happens in the artistic space between these two materials. With explorations in color, shape, size, texture and consistency, the edible material with its ephemeral properties contributes to the ceramic carrier continuing to change. The work also takes into account the application and placement of the various materials and sees how these approaches affect them. The inspiration comes from, among other things, modern meal culture and 17th-century still life painting.