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MFA Film

Leonard Peters

I Want to Hold onto You

Filmmaker Leonard Peters explores the human-nature relationship, grief, loss and time in a poetic essayistic documentary. Through his encounters with the world’s oldest tree and his partner’s grandfather who suffers from dementia, Leonard reflects on letting go and being human in today’s world. 

The film is a love letter to his partner, and an ode to life. The narrative unfolds through a mosaic of landscapes, loved ones and everyday interactions, where the threads of generations, care and love converge in an exploration of existence.

Leonard Peters (1999) is an interdisciplinary artist, musician, and filmmaker from The Netherlands. Leonard started his career as an actor, and he has a strong passion for piano and singing. He is interested in exploring the relationship between humans and nature, connecting this interest to themes of decay and the poetry of everyday life. His practice consists of short films, mixed media performances and music compositions.

Link to the film, Leonard gladly shares the password with you!