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MFA Jewellery Art

Lana León


Encapsulated Absence

For my exam project, I worked with jewellery pieces inspired by finger prosthetics, driven by the unexplored aesthetic potential in this specific prosthetic field.
After conducting my initial research, I realised that finger prosthetics seemed to be overlooked, lagging behind in terms of design and beauty when compared to other types of prosthetics, such as those for arms and legs.
During this project, a near accident where I almost lost my fingers made me wonder: how would I create my own? This incident helped me find my direction in the project. I reached out and spoke with several finger prosthetic users, prosthetic engineers, and silicone finger prosthetic technicians.
Engaging in conversations with these participants helped me understand their experiences, feelings, and some of their desires regarding finger prosthetics, which I incorporated into my pieces.
I chose to remove functionality from these pieces, reflecting their shared feeling of never being able to regain the flexibility and abilities their fingers had before their accidents. I aimed to convey their frustration due to the lack of efficient mobility in their current finger prosthetics.
These words represent important feelings and experiences of the participants in their current situation or during their journey with finger prosthetics.
  • Memory
  • Pain
  • Acceptance
  • Confidence
  • Talisman
Each of my pieces aims to represent one of these words.
Creating these pieces enabled me to physically experience all the core sensations I have been exploring in this project.

“Memory” represents the tension between what once was and what now must be endured. “Pain” was created to emulate the feeling of a real prosthetic, inspired by a participant in my study who described her prosthesis as a cause of constant pain and a continuous reminder of her injury, making her self-conscious. I wore this piece for an entire day and experienced significant anxiety and pain, which made me more aware of her situation and tribulations. “Acceptance” is about finally making peace with the fact that your body will forever be different, yet can still be beautiful in its own way. “Confidence” represents the next step in the journey for some users who have accepted the change and wish to accentuate their differences through their expression. “Talisman” is a piece that relates to the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. It was inspired by the idea of creating finger prosthetics that provide the user with a sense of protection and safety.

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