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BFA Design

Elvira Ansund

The one where she started to dance

An exploratory design project in dance and design in collaboration with the dancer My Josefsson.

The one where she started to dance is a coffee-table coloring book that invites readers to interact with it. The book combines stories, illustrations, and photographs to allow readers to experience the joy of dance through a visual journey from a colorless existence to a life filled with color. It is designed to inspire people to take the first step towards dancing and discover its health benefits.

Dance is a universal form of expression that promotes both mental and physical health, but many avoid it due to fear or insecurity. The goal is to encourage readers to integrate dance and creativity into their daily lives and to see dance as a means to improve well-being and fill life with joy and color.

The book on display is a proposal, and the work will continue. Are you interested in joining us? Please contact us!