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BFA Design

David Nilsson

UMA och ULLAS Underliga Utflykt

Uma and Ulla are best friends. One day they decide to meet at their favorite place: Skrotnisses Lekplats. There are a lot of fun things to find. The most fun they know is competing to see who is the fastest on the cycle track. Uma on a bicycle and Ulla in her electric wheelchair. When their parents are busy drinking coffee and talking about football, they decide to arrange a trip of their own like true adventurers.

“Uma and Ulla’s Strange Trip” is the result of a visual exploration with a focus on inclusion and equality. And also has the goal of inspiring children and young people to get out into nature. To find a home, a voice. A lot of my illustrations revolve around observations of nature from the little ant to the big fallen tree, see how the moss covered rocks become like giants, big and small. Hear the whistling of the wind between the trees and the song of the birds in its crowns.

Letting nature be the starting point for your imagination to thrive in like a clearing filled with flowers ready to burst forth.