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BFA Fine Art

Charlotta Lind

Photografer: Sebastian Kok

Photografer: Sebastian Kok

Photografer: Charlotta Lind

Photografer: Sebastian Kok

Photografer: Charlotte Lind

Us 1, 2 and 3

Is it possible to create ancient characters in 2024? I think I have done so. I scratched these on to Us 1, 2 and 3. But how is that possible? Who owns the pen that writes and the tool that scratches?

What would happen if you stood up and took a look over your shoulder? Take a deep breath and turn your body towards the sun. Enjoy it for a while and then turn your eyes into the microscope. And there, as you watch photosynthesis rush through the algae, realize that everything is the same. That we are repetitions of history, compositions and relationships. Do you dare to ask yourself if the perspective that you have really is yours or if it is something you have partially inherited? Perhaps reluctantly bowed to or just accepted.

When you run your hand over the skin of the sculptures, they begin to speak, wordless melodies that touch the mountains, space and the deep sea. The response you get depends on where on the sculpture your hand goes. The tufted fibers on the sculpture glow, signaling like sea fire. The work wants to be touched, and touch. Awaken thoughts about historiography and tradition while encouraging curiosity and a desire to discover.

In my work, I return to questions related to hierarchies, group dynamics and inner and outer worlds. I work in a combination of traditional materials such as ceramics and textiles together with technology that allows movement, sound and light. This creates interactive sculptures and installations. Working like this gives the opportunity to portray what is invisible and wordless, what exists on the inside and between people and things.

Us 1, 2 and 3 is an installation made of stoneware ceramics and glaze, tufted fiber, ESP32, Teensy, capacitive sensors, fiber optics, C++ and speakers.