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MFA Film

Careen Koleilat

From Where to Where – من وين لوين
(18.30min )

Based on true life experiences of immigrants from the SWANA region, the film takes viewers on a journey, using fictional scenes to depict a single individual’s quest to defy the unrelenting cycle of border control, inviting audiences to reconsider the complexities surrounding this colonial gatekeeping practice.

From Where to Where – من وين لوين challenges the notions of border control and its effects on those who go through them. Following The Passenger and The Officer as they navigate diverse situations, the film portrays the gap of unequal power dynamics. 

Artist statement
In their research, rooted in decolonial studies, Careen explores the transformative potential of filmmaking to challenge societal norms and systemic oppression, with a focus on marginalised SWANA communities. This investigation delves into how challenging narrative structures, filmmaking workflows and viewing modes impact narrative resonance and viewer’s engagement. 

Koleilat’s latest project ‘From Where to Where’ – من وين لوين has been developed as both a linear film as well as a modular screening experience where every scene is a standalone file creating numerous variations of viewing order. This approach enhances the individual and collective experience, exploring the interplay of form and story. Over the course of the coming year Careen plans to screen From Where to Where – من وين لوين to border control officers from the EU and SWANA regions followed by in depth interviews about the work of a border control officer. Culminating in a hybrid fiction feature documentary that facilitates a discussion about border control and its effects on humanity.

Careen Koleilat is a Lebanese Trans/Non-Binary filmmaker that passionately explores themes such as immigration, queerness, patriarchy, family dynamics, and the new world order. Holding a BA in Communication Arts from Beirut and Postgraduate degrees from the London Film Academy and Cambridge School of Art, Careen has enjoyed building a bridge between academia and their practice. In 2011 they co-founded Blue Fox Studios—a queer-led, womxn-oriented post-production company with offices in London and Dubai. Careen continuously integrates their 16 years of global film industry experience, contributing to over 200 projects, in their artistic work. They are currently pursuing an MFA in Film at HDK-Valand in Gothenburg, Sweden.