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BFA Design

Annie Birgersson

Rumsavdelaren LOCUS

LOCUS is a room divider with the aim of creating privacy and tranquility. Combining natural materials such as elm and cotton fabric in organic and soft shapes, Locus is designed with inspiration from japandi and elements in nature. A warm and soft light is placed in the foot that helps to embrace the feeling.
The light adds harmony in a discreet way by not taking over the room but forming a detail of light. The space created by Locus is a place where the natural shapes interact with the warm, soft light, creating a visual calm. The room divider has the flexibility of the classic folding wall and can be adapted to the location and needs to create distance from the rest of the room and the surrounding.

Urban environments are growing as the number of people in society increases, which also increases the need for privacy. Locus is therefore aimed at people in public environments where it is most need, for example in environments like offices, lobbies and waiting rooms. In a modest way with the neutral minimalist design, it blends into most environments without drawing attention to the user. A space divider that invites and encourages a moment of privacy and calm.