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MFA Textile-Body-Space

Angelica Edin

The Labour of Patience

I am a perpetual zero. When will I become number one?

I gravitate towards the repetitiveness in textile craft. A personality trait which has often placed me in environments of monotonous physical labour. The possibility of consuming media while working, means that these repetitive practices can unlock a parallell information input process. However, this invisible cognitive activity is lost in the visual outcome of the labour.

What happens if the input can take physical form and shape the textile output? What does it mean to the final body of work, if the input activity entails taking on the Sisyphean task of trying to understand modern finance? While obsessively studying something as confusing as the financial crisis of 2008, I ask myself: Am I moving closer or further away from success – or an inevitable collapse?

The Labour of Patience is grounded in a three point method, formulated through the process of this Masterproject. While using a digital embroidery machine to translate my input (or rather my questionable understanding of it) to a physical format, I can sit back, rewatch a documentary and cut, draw and sew my small cards. The result is a neverending production line of gradually collapsing textile sculptures titled Information Input / Output Machinesand a forever growing strip of aces, titled C-D-S (Cut-Draw-Sew).