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Master Child Culture Design

Vaishanavi Mungekar

Playtopia: Unshaping-Shaping Playgrounds

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Every child has the right to play and share their views on matters that affect them. However, playground design is often led by designers and planners, rarely involving children. ’Playtopia’ is an outdoor playscape where children shape their ideal play environments with designers, planners, and industry professionals. This project aims to understand ’Play’ and ’Play needs’ of middle childhood through participatory design.

Through workshops with children aged 9-11, Playtopia challenges conventional playground structures and encourages ambiguity in play equipment. Collaborations with Kompan and Bygglekplatsen ensure that innovative designs meet industry standards and practical feasibility. The methodology emphasizes children’s rights and participation, fostering genuine engagement and reinforcing the idea that children are experts in their own play experiences.

NonSus Play, the design outcome of Playtopia, is a prototype for unstructured, ambiguous play equipment that coexists with structured play equipment, providing diverse play options for all ages. User testing NonSus Play showcased that meaningful child participation is immensely valuable for designing playscapes.