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Master Design

Maren Wolf

Dwelling in the Dark

Den här texten finns bara tillgänglig på engelska. 

Dwelling in the Dark is an ode to breaking, falling, losing and loving deeply.

My project is a live action role play (Larp) experience about deep time: a delicate ritual of embracing uncertainty and communing with the other-than-human world. It explores the unknown futures through play and magic: in moments of dance, meditation, sensory movement, spell writing, deep listening and collective storytelling. Through this ritual, players are invited to become-with and become-other.

Larp is a transformative practice that offers new forms of world-building and relationship-building that may undo the linear states of being in this world. In times of climate crisis, we have lost our sense of belonging and our capacity to imagine alternatives to the now. We unlearned how to hope and how to surprise ourselves with unmonumental everyday moments. To move against this world that demands us to be predictable and functioning, we ought to find beauty in learning how to navigate in darkness. Dwelling In The Dark is a story about darkness and love: How grief and hope can coexist.