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Master Design

Karin Lindgren


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Mudfields is an exploration of interactive scenography and world building. The name is a word play on the idea of the in between, by Donna Haraway. It’s a phrase that refers to a space between binary divisions, recognizing the way things are connected and depend on each other. Being in between can be understood as a way to engage with challenging issues of our times, rather than looking for simple solutions or avoiding what’s unknown.

This project has been an examination of abstract and interactive scenography and performance, creating a landscape that presents as a skewed queer version of reality: A Mudfield. An in between space. This has been to challenge the status quo of linear narratives and how a story “should be told” and instead encourage people to rethink the storying of things.

In Mudfields the backdrop is strange and ambiguous, a crack in between worlds, and it functions as a spatial but also embodied representation of complexity, where different ideas can exist at the same time, open for interpretation by anyone who enters.
The material consists of a fictional hybrid character, the centaur, a mix of a horse and human, and of sculptures, light, soundscapes, video projections and moving props to create a dreamlike collective experience.

The Centaur performance is made in collaboration with the Gothenburg drag collective CULT, Status Queer, and dancer/choreographer Sara Axelsson and Mari Vittradotter.