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Master Design

Barbara Labus

A conceptual hotel arrangement in a repurposed stable building

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The project concerns the spatial design of a conceptual hotel for humans, horses, and other animal species, aiming to enhance interspecies relationships and address issues surrounding extensive urbanization and irresponsible land use. Emphasizing animal welfare and interconnectedness, post-anthropocentric perspectives play a crucial role in decentering the human through speculative design methods.

The project is closely linked to multispecies practices within urban living environments and examines the Swedish equine industry, using Billdals Ridklubb as a model site for the hotel. My goal was to create a space that inspires reflection on our connections with local more-than-human beings, promoting sustainable and harmonious living.

The main feature is a shared dining space for humans and horses or deer, complemented by various pieces of furniture designed to support the hotel’s concept. Each piece conveys unique ideas about fostering multispecies societies and addressing the challenges of cohabitation environments.