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Master Design

Teresa Jaksetic


Den här texten är bara tillgänglig på engelska

In the investigation of a design practice within the field of spatial architecture I have applied my knowledge from textiles and the construction of garments to create a methodology to bridge the spatial. With a frugal approach, old bed sheets and other elements has been used to dress and assemble passages and architectural elements. The aim has been to explore the possibilities to a slow down of our quick-paced society through the use of the qualities of textiles.

To fully embed ourselves in an environment, we need not only our vision but all our senses to be able to understand it. Therefore the understanding of how textiles act when it is close to ones skin contributes and transfers the feeling of being dressed, to a room dressed in textiles. The bed sheets in the passages I have constructed enables to a slow down of our pace, not only as a form-bearing materiality that can generaterepelling or appealing effects. In these energy fields that are created between us and the textile walls of the corridor, the sensations of the senses takes place and collaborates in order to evoke the experience of beingpresent.