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Master Embedded Design

Romina Houshmand

Embodied embedded

Den här texten finns bara tillgänglig på engelska.

In my master’s degree, I examined the possibilities to embed myself as the tool by dancing and artistically shaping the activistic movement in Iran. The challenges I went through, from creating networks and connections to other artists with the same aim to 
internal analyses are elaborated in this paper. From decades ago until now, dance has been forbidden in Iran. Therefore, I wanted to place dance in design 
activism and use this tool as a medium to stand against tyranny as well as enhance the opinions around dance as an art. 

I see dance as a collaborative design process which has started with someone else’s concept, the poet; the composer; the vocalists; the instruments; until it reaches the performing arts artists to visualize it with body and take it to the next stage of design. 

This project is a contribution to the people who fight for bringing light to their lives and anyone who suffered from lacking human rights in their lives and every free soul yearning for freedom. For Woman, Life, Freedom.