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Master Film

Robert Melo

SONGBIRD (14 min)

Den här texten finns bara tillgänglig på engelska.

A group of refugees, amongst which Marco and his mute daughter Paloma, are being smuggled out of their homeland in the pitch-black confinement of a truck container. The already perilous journey takes a sinister turn when the driver abandons them at a police checkpoint, leaving them trapped in the suffocating darkness. The group battles to open the sealed doors, while Paloma, in her silent struggle, attempts to reclaim her voice. 

Songbird is a film about hope and despair in an inhuman situation that, with the help of darkness, illuminates this world disaster.

Artist statement
Robert Melo aims to bring originality to each film project, challenging the way ’we’ make movies (movies are made) through daring filmic experiments. By choosing subjects that reflect the complex reality of contemporary life, he explores new narrative techniques and visual styles. Melo’s work is not just film, it is a dialogue with contemporary time , a reflection of the modern human in situations that many people recognize or fear. His ambition is to create films that not only entertain, but also provoke thought, challenge perspectives, and enrich cultural discourse.

Robert Melo is a Swedish-Chilean director and screenwriter, working in the field for over fifteen years. Among other studies, he has a degree in screenwriting from Alma Film & TV.

Having completed his education, he ventured into the realms of both commercial work and journalism. Presently, he melds insights from these two diverse worlds to craft films that captivate with their thought-provoking narratives, marrying compelling form with substantive content.