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Master Design

Linus Holm

Photografer: Jonathan Wilhelmsson

Photografer: Jonathan Wilhelmsson

Starving the monster: Collective craft in a post industrial landscape

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In this project I addressed destructive aspects of the fashion industry and speculated on an ethical alternative to the making of things. Through workshops, me and participants explored how post industrial collective crafting could be manifested as a harmless and joyful substitute to contemporary fashion production. While imagining a landscape filled with many small workshop spaces, the project invited local fashion consumers to participate in skill-sharing and upcycling of discarded textiles. Together we roleplayed as a post industrial craft circle specialized in making bags and crafted spontaneously and informally.

A transition towards ethical production could be aided by creating opportunities for putting the craft of commodities in the hands of the consumer, while in that process educating those consumers on critical consumption behavior. Production could take place in an educational and joyful context, work be done by volunteers or enthusiasts and materials reused rather than newly produced.