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Master Design

Julia Constance

This One is For You, and Me

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This One is For You, and Me looks closer at the image (more specifically the photographic image), examining howvisual aesthetics can be applied to furniture design.
The armchairs feature a digitally printed wool fabric showing a combination of reworked photographs and curated memories of my late uncle. Having nothing but photographs to remember my uncle by, this piece of furniture acts as a vehicle to remembering, keeping my uncle close and bringing me comfort in my daily life.

The design can be dismantled and laid out flat to make a bed, while the order of the cushions can also be changed to create different combinations.

By combining charged personal imagery with the common symbolic and cultural reference that we read into the shape of an armchair – we become faced with conflicting signals of how these coexist.

This design aims to momentarily break a pattern that the viewer/consumer might be used to. With an interest in design that stirs excitement and confusion – and that is difficult to label – the armchairs target that spectrum of furniture design that is the unfamiliar.

A special thank you to Ludvig Svensson – Svensson Interior Textiles for support & sponsorship