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Master Fri konst

Iza Štrumbelj Oblak

Hold My Hand

Den här texten finns bara tillgänglig på engelska.

Iza struggles to keep up with her master’s studies and the demands of its various tasks and schoolwork. She asks artists Lea Topolovec and Yana Deliyska, who have recently graduated with MFA degrees, to help her get there too. Blurring the line between the project’s narrative and real life, they engage in a family role-play, as guiding figures for their off-track child. Lea, the Mother, believes the solution always lies within ourselves and nature, while Yana, as the Father advocates for discipline and physical activity. Together, they will try to send Izi on the right path, hoping she will find what works for her somewhere in the middle.

The project unfolds themes of failure and self-discovery while questioning society’s expectations towards higher education – a process that, for art school graduates, will more than likely lead to precarity after completion. Turning challenges into opportunities for growth, exploration, and collaboration, the project seeks to find a balance while overcoming them.

The project was made in collaboration with Lea Topolovec and Yana Deliyska.