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Master Design

Ina Lidman


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We live in a world with climate crisis, racial injustices, global pandemic, war, gun violence, economic instability, inequality, and toxic social media. It has created a capitalist culture with high stakes and high anxiety. More and more people in today’s society become diagnosed with stress-related illnesses. People are stressed about different things in life and how long-term stress seriously affects our physical health and mental health.

Through my project I want to create a space for encounters, but also a space where we together can take a pause. I am interested in human behaviour and how something like a pile of pillows can change the atmosphere in for example a “classroom”. How it affects my peers and how the space invites them to sit down for a while and just take a breather.

I see my project as a part of a holistic movement where we must start talking more about mental health issues. I communicate through bodily experiences with furniture, space, and different materials questioning how the capitalistic environment we live in today affects and form our behaviour. I see my contribution as providing tools and methods that encourage rest.