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Master Design

Gréta Balog

Leaving Wonderland

Den här texten finns bara tillgänglig på engelska

We live in a fabricated world where female sexuality has become an act of performance. Our minds are loaded with perfectionist ideas which usually embody unrealistic, sexualizing, and objectifying representations of women. Visual media such as advertising, branding, and other forms of corporate messaging promote the ideas and values of capitalism. By glorifying consumerism, competition, and perfectionism, capitalism has created unreachable sexual standards for women. Women have lost their real sexual selves and their true reality is shadowed by unrealistic views and politics.
This project is therefore trying to challenge harmful norms of female sexuality through a personal narrative to reclaim women’s true voices. It explores how capitalist visual culture in public spaces and female sexuality can be challenged through design. It is a body of work seen as a by-product of the system itself. It is full of realizations and insights; it is a piece of our current systemic reality. 

Leaving Wonderland, as well, is a non-creation and destruction of perfectionist experiments. It is a collection of torn-apart pieces of ideas critiquing Western Culture in relation to female sexuality. The project aims to challenge the fabricated reality of capitalism. We need to deconstruct the way we think about female sexuality!